This is a meeting place for Professionals Globally in diverse fields including but not limited to Management,Engineering,IT,Education,Media, Healthcare,Tourism,Govt.

Professionals who feel that Bihar 2.0 could be the story of the century, ”waiting to unfold and be told”. One need not be a Bihari rather just needs to share the sentiment that Bihar needs special attention to re-emerge from current situation. Bihar can and will regain its glorious past and potential as the heart,mind and soul of India. Four of the world’s great spiritual disciplines, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Hinduism have had their origin or most sacred places in this sadly forgotten and much ignored part of world. If world peace,health and prosperity are noble goals to achieve then any inclusive plan has to include India & Asia and Bihar. Bihar needs to be brought back on an accelerated path of development, growth and cultural-spiritual renaissance to catch up with decades and centuries of stagnation.

This forum is open to those who are engaged or plan to get engaged in commercial or non-profit projects with focus on Bihar as a supporter and must be referred/approved by someone in this group. That is just to minimize all discussion and no action type people we end up in the wider groups. Here we are high on passion,energy and execution and low on analysis but that is what gets things done.

This forums has tools to centralize communication, synchronize calendars, and share files. Furthermore, the network area enables members to learn more about each other and build deeper working relationships.




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